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网赌赢钱技巧-每日新闻播报(November 5)

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网赌赢钱技巧-每日新闻播报(November 5)

网赌赢钱技巧,>warning over sneakers' craze


three customers show off their newly bought air jordan shoes in chengdu, southwest china's sichuan province. [photo provided to china daily]

the people's bank of china, the central bank, has warned that certain practices in sales of sneakers could lead to a bubble and even financial risks.中国人民银行即央行近日发出警告称,球鞋销售中的某些操作可能导致泡沫甚至金融风险。

experts said reselling of special editions of running and basketball shoes made by global brands such as air jordan and yeezy, which could result in price rises, speculative trading and financial fraud, is attracting regulators' attention. 专家称,倒卖air jordan、yeezy等国际品牌制作的限量版跑步鞋、篮球鞋的行为正引起监管机构的注意,这可能导致价格上涨、投机交易和金融诈骗。

the shanghai head office of the people's bank of china said in a financial briefing that it had found alarming signs of possible financial fraud in the sneaker trade, including illegal fundraising, illegal use of public deposits and illegal pyramid schemes. 中国人民银行上海分行近日在金融简报中表示,发现"炒鞋"行业背后可能存在非法集资、非法吸收公众存款、非法传销等令人担忧的金融违法迹象。

there are more than 10 platforms that allow so-called sneaker-heads to trade shoes as if the products were equities traded on the stock market. websites and apps such as poizon, nice and drop store have a large amount of trading volumes and notable price fluctuations.目前国内已有10余个"炒鞋"平台,所谓的"球鞋爱好者"可以在这些平台上交易鞋子,如同在股票市场上炒股一样。毒、nice、drop store等网站和应用程序呈现出交易量大、价格波动剧烈等特征。

>solution to car blind spots


cars run on the new shougang bridge in beijing, capital of china, sept 29, 2019. [photo/xinhua]

a 14-year-old pennsylvania girl has come up with an innovative way to get rid of blind spots before she can even legally get behind the wheel.


alaina gassler presented her project - called "improving automobile safety by removing blind spots" - during this year's society for science and public's broadcom masters (math, applied science, technology and engineering for rising stars). 在今年的美国科学与公众协会的博通masters(新星数学、应用科学、技术与工程)竞赛上,阿莱娜•加斯勒展示了自己的项目——"消除盲区提高汽车安全性"。

"i did that by having a camera behind the a pillar of the car and the camera sent video to a projector that projected the image onto the pillar," gassler explained. "making it invisible and making the driver be able to see behind it." 加斯勒解释道:"我的办法就是在汽车的a柱上安装一个摄像头(监控外面的场景),同时摄像头能将视频发送到车内的投影仪上,投影仪就能将图像投射到柱子上。这样就可以让a柱'消失不见',不再阻挡司机的视线。"

gassler said that the aim of her project was to "get rid of it (blind spots) without getting rid of it." gassler won the samueli foundation prize for her creativity - and a hefty $25,000 check.加斯勒还称其项目的目标是"在不消除盲区的情况下实现消除盲区的效果"。加斯勒凭借这一创意赢得了塞缪尔利基金会奖以及2.5万美元(约合人民币17.5万元)的大额支票。

>mooc attracts 270m users


a student from shanghai jiaotong university watches a video lecture from an online education platform called "nanyang academy" via his ipad. provided to china daily

about 270 million people have taken massive open online courses (mooc) in china as of august this year, according to the ministry of education.


with around 15,000 courses, china has built an extensive mooc network offering a wide range of courses across a variety of disciplines, said the ministry. of the users, about 80 million were college students, the ministry said.目前慕课数量约1.5万门,我国已建成涵盖多个学科、内容广泛的慕课网络。教育部称,在慕课学习者中,约有8000万人为高校学生。

the mooc network has notably contributed to education equity. under several programs sponsored by the ministry, colleges and universities in less-developed western regions have tried to introduce open online courses in their curriculums and trained their faculty in integrating online and offline courses. 慕课网络为教育公平作出了巨大的贡献。在教育部组织的几项计划中,多所西部欠发达地区的高校试图在其课程中引入在线开放课程,并就整合线上线下课程对教职员工进行培训。

as of now, they have introduced more than 8,000 courses online or online-offline and 52,000 teachers have received the training. the ministry also plans to launch a bilingual gateway website of china mooc by the end of this year to connect about 20 chinese mooc websites.截至目前,西部高校引入线上教学或线上线下课程8000余门,接受培训教师达5.2万人次。教育部还计划于今年年底前推出中国慕课双语门户网站,以连接国内约20个慕课网站。

>new alzheimer's drug accepted


gv-971, the home-grown drug treating alzheimer's disease. [photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

a home-grown drug for treating alzheimer's disease has been approved by the national medical products administration to hit the market.


the new drug, gv-971, was developed by ocean university of china, shanghai institute of materia medica under chinese academy of sciences and green valley pharmaceutical co ltd, after research efforts of 22 years. it is the world's first innovative therapy for treating alzheimer's disease in 17 years. 这款药名为"九期一"(甘露特钠,代号:gv-971),由中国海洋大学、中国科学院上海药物研究所和绿谷制药有限公司历时22年研制,是17年来全球首个治疗阿尔茨海默病的创新性疗法。

alzheimer's disease is an irreversible and progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory, thinking ability and the capability to carry out simple tasks. china has roughly 10 million people with alzheimer's, the most in the world. 阿尔茨海默病是一种不可逆的、渐进型大脑紊乱病症,会慢慢破坏人的记忆力、思考能力以及执行简单任务的能力。我国约1000万人患有阿尔茨海默病,是全球患者人数最多的国家。

the 36-week-long phase 3 clinical study showed that the drug can improve cognition in patients with mild to moderate alzheimer's disease, the developers said. the first production line for the drug will begin running this week. patients will be able to buy the drug around the country from dec 29, according to shanghai green valley pharmaceutical co ltd.该药研发机构称,为期36周的第三阶段临床研究显示,此药可改善轻度至中度阿尔茨海默病患者的认知能力。上海绿谷制药有限公司表示,"九期一"将于本周投产第一批,预计12月29日投放至全国。

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